• "The Mote" is a waterless system that tricks the ants by design. We have studied how ants work and how they think. This product simply out-smarts the scout ant, using their own process and senses against them. There are other antproof bowls, but this is the only one that doesn't require maintenance or water and it really works. ~~The Mote" is patented, and made in McGregor, Texas. It's virtually spill proof and indestructible, made of high quality, HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), and weights approximately 2.5Ibs. each. HDPE does not fade, chip, or crack, like most other plastic bowls that get brittle in hot or cold temperatures. It is UV-ray resistant and will last at least 10 years outside, as our customers can personally testify to.

    Our product is 100% guaranteed. It has been field tested and proven to work. We are anticipating other size bowls, for the pet bowl market. From talking to customers, we know they use the ant proof food bowl for their household pets, farmers and ranchers for their chickens and rabbit food.

    Dimensions: 11. 5" wide x 4.5" high
    Colors: Red, Blue and Beige
    Volume: 2.5 quarts of water or food
    Made from: High Quality HDPE * HDPE plastic resin unlike other plastic resins is non-toxic to the pet.
    Shipping not included

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